I’ve been looking for another outlet… Another place to share the random and varied discussions that I have with myself in my own head.

I co-host the Hustle and Flowchart Podcast with my business partner and one of my best friends, Joe

Fier, and it’s an amazing outlet.

Joe and I get to talk to amazing humans about their businesses, their mindset, their lifestyles, and the stories behind what made them successful. Recording those podcasts is one of my favorite things in the world…

But that show is mostly focused around interviews and it’s got a heavy business slant to it. It’s an amazing outlet to have discussions around what’s working now to make people more happy and more successful.

I’ve felt something missing for me though…

I felt like I had more that I wanted to say, outside of what our audience expects from us over there.

I’ve also had a strong draw towards writing more. Writing was how I got started. I was a blogger and I loved to write about my insights and lessons learned on my business journey.

Blogging was what allowed me to quit my day job to pursue my passions.

Over the past four years or so, the podcast has taken over. I’ve found myself writing less and less. I’m not even sure if I’m still good at it.

And that’s precisely why I’m creating this Substack.

My friend, Kamal, pointed me to Substack and raved about the simplicity and I decided to jump in and attempt to get back in the habit of writing and sharing my random thoughts.

Here’s what you can expect…

I probably won’t be ultra consistent. In the beginning, there probably won’t be much of a rhyme or reason to my posting schedule.

However, as I get back into my blogging groove, I’ll likely settle into a cadence that works and slowly become more predictable.

I’ll probably mix in some audio and video content from time to time.

Sometimes I’m in the mood to write my thoughts, other times I prefer to hit record and speak out my thoughts. This blog will likely be a mix of both.

The topics may seem random but will likely have a common thread…

I like to talk about business insights, music, health, lifestyle, travel, family, and everything in between.

However, the common theme is that I’m constantly searching for what improves my life. I’m exploring what makes people happy, what makes people feel good, what makes people feel secure, and what makes life enjoyable.

So, while my topics may seem random on the surface, it’s one giant exploration into how to feel better about who I am and sharing those insights so that they might help others.

I also read a lot… So expect book reviews and my thoughts on them.

I’m a gadget nerd who loves new toys… So expect my excitement around new doodads.

My wife and I plan to travel more and create more experiences for our two young kids… So expect us to share our experiences there.

All said and done, I have no clue what I’ll be writing about. I just know that I’m on a pursuit to enjoy every moment of my life and I hope to share insights that will help you enjoy your moments as well.